Piltown, Co Kilkenny, Ireland
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About Us

Tanja_FoalBelline is a 120 acre estate, full of history and charm, and is located in enchanting surroundings on the outskirt of Piltown village in County Kilkenny.

We have rescued donkeys from all over Ireland and our donkeys are lucky to have their own private residence on the estate, which includes walled gardens in the summer months, providing excellent shelter and shade, as well as their own donkey villa with spacious loose boxes full of thick straw beds, sand paddocks (as donkeys originate from the desert) and access to post and railed paddock all fitted with automatic water troughs.

Donkeys, unlike other equines, do not have waterproof coats, therefore they must have shelter at all times. Donkeys, unlike their equine cousins, can live up to 50 years, averaging 35 years.

Donkeys are naturally herd animals and are not happy being alone. All of our donkeys have bonded in groups of 2 or 3 and will remain devoted to each other for the rest of their days. When re-homed they must stay in pairs.

We moved our Donkeys to the Belline Donkey Sanctuary in 2014 even though we have been looking after donkeys for many years. The Belline Estate is an ideal location with its perfect surroundings and facilities to accommodate us and hopefully many more that need it.

Even though we have these amazing premises, we still need your help to be able to continue homing our donkeys here and to be able to feed and look after the donkeys on a daily basis. Please adopt one of our donkeys today or see our donations page.